Topics & Activities

At Poppetts we set and follow various topics throughout the year which are very much child led.  The children are consulted in choosing what they would like to do and influence the planning of future events and activities.

During the course of the week we offer a wide range of activities for example: cookery, cake/biscuit decorating, paper mache, collage making, life-size painting, card making or topics relating to festivals or themed events around the world. Exercise is also a key part of the Club with children having opportunity to let off steam in the grounds of the School. We provide an extensive range of equipment: table tennis, table football, basketball, tennis, pogo sticks, football and much more.

Information Technology

All children have supervised access to our computer for activities and educational games. We also have a camera, Ipod, TV, DVD player and XBox for the children’s enjoyment.


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