• Made it so the child is always happy to come to nursery and doesn’t want to leave!
  • Most things, I have no complaints at all and sorry to say goodbye
  • Listening to the children and keeping parents up to date
  • Focusing on needs of the individual and helping them grow
  • Rising 5s has really helped for prepare for school
  • Kept us informed of what’s going on
  • Looked after emotional development and physical growth of my child
  • Encouragement of parent/ family involvement
  • Social as well as educational development
  • Preparation for school again not only ABC/123 but dressing and encouragement
  • Response to queries concerns re childcare
  • Made an incredible invaluable contribution to educational social personal development
  • High level of care affection


  • Nothing
  • To be completely honest there is nothing that I can think of. My child has done so well at Poppetts and is so happy there, the teachers have really helped to build his confidence
  • N/A I feel I have had the opportunity to suggest improvements/ alternatives and this input has been taken on board


  • My child has been at nursery for 4 years, she has gone through the different rooms without any problems
  • Poppetts has been a wonderful environment for my child; he has flourished and found out what he enjoys. We are both really sad that it is time to go to school
  • Really pleased with the care my child received and will stay in touch through Poppetts before and after school club!
  • I feel that the ladies responsible for caring for my children at every level genuinely do!
  • The meals provided have been outstanding. My child’s choice/food preferences have significantly developed since being in nursery

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