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New Starters Welcome

We would like to take this opportunity of welcoming all new parents to our nursery and hope your days with us are memorable.


There is no parking provided within our grounds other than for our staff and associated visitors during the day. The disabled space is NOT TO BE USED by any parent, unless with a disabled child.

Parking is also not permitted on the zig-zag lines outside on the road for the children’s safety.

The best time for drop-off and pick-ups is outside the school run times (8.45 am to 9.15 am, and 3 to 3.30pm) as the area can get very congested.


  • Although the staff are here from 7.30 in the morning this is to set up the rooms-we open at 7.45am.
  • When the weather is sunny please apply sun cream before your child comes in to us in the morning, we can then re apply sun cream later in the day which we supply at factor 50.
  • When the weather is wet and cold can you please provide wellies and appropriate warm/waterproof clothing so that we can make the most of the outdoors.
  • Your room would like a photo of you and your child, and any other family members that are important to your child-these are then displayed in the room which the children love looking at and we talk about with them.
  • If your child is on prescribed medication, please bring it in and hand it over to a staff member who will ask you to sign our medication form. Please note we will only administer prescribed medication
  • Please do not send your child into nursery when they are poorly as it isn’t fair on them or the other children as in a nursery environment ‘things’ can spread very easily.
  • Please do not bring in your own toys or possessions that are precious to you or your child as with up to 68 children a day we cannot ensure they will be returned at the end of the day although comfort items are always welcomed.
  • Indoor Footwear…reminder. We would kindly request that everyone removes their shoes or wear covers in the Pea Pod room. We know this may seem a pain but it is much nicer for your children when they are crawling around and spend so much of the time on the floor. Runner Bean and Pea pod children are to have indoor shoes, slippers or socks, in the room so that they can play both indoors and outdoors.
  • Children’s belongings/clothing. Although you may dash into nursery in the morning from a warm dry car and not need to wear much clothing, things are very different in the day at Poppetts. We do use the garden all year and in all weather-the children love nothing better than jumping in muddy puddles.  Coats, hats, gloves and wellington boots would be a great addition to your children’s clothing at Nursery so that they can make full use of our lovely garden and mud kitchen. Please make sure that your child is in old clothes (labelled) so that they can make the most of their time doing arts and crafts, playing in the garden, mud kitchen and planting areas of the nursery.
  • Please label anything and everything that is precious to you-we have over 120 families so matching lost items tends to be problematic!!
  • Attendance/Lunch Could we ask that you let us know if your child is not attending nursery by 10 am each day either through sickness or if you are off on holiday as this helps us with our day to day planning & food shopping
  • Equally if you are planning to bring your child in later in the day please call so that we know if they would like a lunch saved for them.

Annual Events Planner

Don’t forget to pick up a copy of our annual events planner from the foyer to see what exciting activities we have planned for you and your children. Please feel free to pick and choose which events you attend as we are aware for working parents leaving work early is not always possible.

Parental Key Person Development Meetings

Don’t forget that in addition to the information on i-connect/parentzone that we complete daily and weekly, we complete Development Matters and Next Step Profiles twice a year. In addition, the Monthly Home Link Observations cover an activity that you and your child can complete together and add into their Learning Journals (see room notice boards). You are more than welcome to arrange a meeting with your child’s key person to discuss their development in more depth as often as you wish.  We do not hold parent’s evenings as these tend to be inconvenient for some and never run to time as you’ll find out when your children start school!!!

Next Step Profiles are completed on i-connect/parentzone at the end of January and July. Learning Journals are completed constantly through the year as are Development Matters documents- always chat to your Key person to have input to these or take a peek and review them at a Breakfast or Play Event or book a more formal time to sit and look.

Learning Journals these are stored in your child’s drawer and are filled with lots of examples of their ‘work & creations’ linked to the EYFS. Children love looking at these in their rooms with their friends as they get older and they really prompt great conversations about what they have done and very visually show their progress and development over the time they are with us. You are welcome to look at these as often as you wish, with many parents taking advantage of doing so at our many ‘events’ during the year.

Children’s Creations……the children are always busy making something artistic for you to display at home. So you can give them all the wall space they deserve please look in your child’s drawer every few weeks and take them home.

As a new parent to the Nursery should you not have seen any of the above documents please chat to your child’s key person and they can show you where they are and go through them with you etc

Did you know we have a wide range of information leaflets in the foyer including: Biting in the toddler years, Communication Friendly spaces, Early Years Foundation Stage, Improving Fine Motor Development, The value of a Key Person in the Early Years, Letters and Sounds, Numbers, Being “School Ready”, Transitions, Weaning.

If you would like any information on anything else, please ask and we will see what we can do.

Speech & Language Therapy

We work closely with experienced Speech and Language therapists. The therapists spend time with staff in Runner Beans and Jumping Beans supporting and training the staff in this crucial area of children’s development. This additional knowledge helps us to conduct the daily Speech and Language sessions in the rooms.

Parents Committee

We have a Parents Committee that meets approximately twice a year for an hour or so. The directors and/or managers discuss ideas and feedback with the committee and generally canvas their views on all areas of nursery life from the menus to events to play equipment and fees.

If you are interested in joining or popping along to our next meeting please speak to us – we don’t bite, we even supply tea, coffee and cake. Dates for these meetings will be confirmed via email throughout the year.


Don’t forget to look at our Facebook page (Poppetts day nursery Shenfield) where you can keep up to date with pictures and information/reminders about what is happening during your child’s nursery day. We try and share relevant information and topical news …. happy Facebooking.

Contact Details

Please make sure that you let us know of change of telephone numbers, email addresses, dietary requirements so that we can keep our records up to date.

Babysitting/late collection

A few newer mums always ask what we do if they are delayed on the train and can’t get to us on time for pick up, and their emergency collectors aren’t available, so……

  1. Update your emergency Collectors.
  2. Ask a parent of one of your child’s friends to help you out and vice versa.
  3. Arrange with a staff member to take your child home –this is a private arrangement between you and the individual and the staff member will charge you personally.

We really only invoke a late fine should a parent be a persistent late offender to stop it happening.  Problems on a large scale on the trains when lots of people are late we stay until you arrive and have some more fun- this really doesn’t happen as often as you would think.

Talk, Listen, Cuddle website helps children to get the best start in life

Essex County Council has a TLC (talk, listen, cuddle) website to help children to get the best start in life.

TLC is a campaign to help parents, carers and families to develop children’s communication skills through playful learning at home.

The site hosts a range of ideas, tips, games and information to support children’s language, physical and emotional development to ensure that children start school ready to explore, learn and make friends.

Parents can learn about the different milestones of development for children and how to best to support their child’s development at each stage. There are ideas for playing together at home or out and about and ideas to help children’s language development including bi-lingual children. Parents can get advice on getting their child ready for school and there are fun height charts and rhyme cards to download.

Children can sing along to some popular nursery rhymes with our TLC characters or play some fun memory and matching puzzles.  They can also enter a competition to name the TLC characters for a chance to win a set of cuddly toys.

To visit the website, visit tlc-essex.info


We operate Breakfast & After School Clubs in our Pavilion building

  • We care for up to 40 children a day for breakfast and after school. This is exclusively for children attending Long Ridings School with priority given to children who have attended our nursery.

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