A day in the life at Poppetts Out of School Club (Pavilion)

When dropping your child off in the morning you will have the opportunity to chat to your child’s key person, this two-way conversation will allow both parent and staff to discuss any relevant information that could affect the day.  Children settle quickly while chatting with their friends as soon as they arrive at the Pavilion. As soon as the children have eaten and finished breakfast they can take the opportunity to play with the wide range of toys available, read or simply chat and relax before school.  Breakfast is cleared away by 8.30 a.m. The Pavilion is tidied up and once the children have collected all of their belongings, PE kit, packed lunch and drinks bottles our staff walk the children over to the school at about 8.45am.  Children from Year 3 can go off into their own playground to meet their friends and the younger children are walked over to the Infant playground.  Our Staff walk Reception children into their class and they are encouraged to change their reading books before starting their busy school day.

After a long hard day at school we meet the children in the main school hall at 3.20pm. Our staff collect Reception children directly from class which enables any information from the teacher to be passed over to us and hence to you later.  After completing a register and checking everyone is present and correct the staff walk the children over to our Pavilion.

Once back at the Pavilion we settle down for some food and a drink.  We operate a self-service tea: the children can choose and often make part of this them selves.  Tea may comprise of a variety of rolls, pasta, crackers, homemade pizza, jacket potatoes with a variety of toppings.  The children chat amongst themselves and with staff about their day whilst tucking into their tea.

After refuelling we make the most of the School Playing fields and MUGA. We may be found playing a game of rounders or football or the children play with friends or toys of their choice.  A more structured area is also set up so that over the next few hours your child can choose whether to participate in an activity linked to the topic of the week eg making flags, cards, cookery.

Sometimes we have visitors to the club and these are always a hit with the children.  We have loved seeing a local guide dog, practicing yoga with a yoga teacher, playing football with a football coach and touching snakes and spiders when Zoo Lab came to visit.

Winding down towards the end of the session the children choose how to spend their time, this can be anything from chatting to a member of staff, watching a film on Netflix, reading, being arty or completing their homework!!

After School Daily Timetable

Activity Information
3.20pm School Collection The register is taken in the school hall before departure.
3.30pm Play & Homework Children can choose indoor or outdoor activities, to play or relax unless completing reading or homework.
4.15pm Tea is Served This includes tea and dessert with a choice from the fruit bowl and beverages. Children are encouraged to have good table manners and converse with other children and staff.
5.00pm Free Play Full use is made of the outdoor space all year round for games and for occasional mealtimes.

Children are encouraged to prepare some of their food their selves as it aids their development. For example to butter bread and toast, assemble sandwiches, spoon out a serving of food onto their plate, slice a piece of cake, pour their own drinks or chop fruit etc.