We believe in allowing all children to develop at their own pace, through play, enjoyment and encouragement: in giving children the chance to experiment and explore their environment through play they gain great enjoyment and knowledge whilst building good foundations for later learning in life. Each child in our care is treated as an individual and their allocated Key Person works closely with you at all times to give them the best possible standard of care and education, and to discuss with you your child’s development. We welcome all parental input, as you know your child best of all and how you would like them to be cared for.

At whatever age your child enters our Nursery we will care not only for their physical needs, but also will engage them in a range of play opportunities that are suitable to their age and stage of development. We incorporate a wide range of planned and unplanned play opportunities for all children including and by no means limited to:

  • Physical Activity: Both indoor and outdoor, including free play and structured games.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Drawing, tracing, colouring, painting, creative, junk modelling and threading activities.
  • Sensory and Intellectual Development: Growing plants, cooking, play dough, jelly, plasticine, music and dance, colour and shape recognition and how things relate to each other.
  • Language and Communication: By providing a ‘Language Rich Environment’ through music, rhymes and stories. Giving all children the time to talk and communicate with others in a positive manner in ‘circle time’, ‘show and tell’, and in general conversation at meal times where the events of the day/weekend are discussed.
  • Social Skills: Encouraged through conversation, group activities, table manners, being polite and kind to others and in the formation of friendships with other children.
  • Mathematical Skills: Encouraged through games, songs, rhymes and in water play, weighing, measuring, counting and in exploring the properties of different materials.

As your child approaches school age they are also encouraged to participate more fully in Rising 5’s. This group involves really concentrating in getting your child ready for school. Small groups of 3-5 children will spend time involved in activities that cover science, mathematics and literacy. The children are given book bags and encouraged to take a reading book to share with you at home. At this age activities are provided which will help to get your child ready for school, and which will give your child confidence to look forward to a new phase in their life.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage – EYFS for all children as soon as they join us until they leave for school. For your child to gain maximum benefit from attending nursery we recommend all children attend for 3 days as a minimum.

During the course of the week we offer Story-Telling Yoga, French and Drama sessions for children aged 3-5 years. We offer a “Diddi Dance” music and movement session for 2 -3 year olds once a week. 

Speech and Language
We follow the Letters and Sounds: Principles and Practice of High Quality Phonics, which is part of the Primary National Strategy from the Department of Education. This is incorporated within our daily routine and in daily sessions with the children. The aim is to raise awareness of sounds to improve communication and to prepare the children for reception classes at school. We work closely with an independent Speech and Language Therapist Laura Dawson Bsc (Hons) MRCSLT, MASLTIP. Laura visits us regularly to work with our team and develop practice.

At Poppetts we follow various themes through out the year. These range from ‘The Seasons’, ‘New Life’, ‘The World Around Us’, ‘Holidays’, ‘Transport’ and ‘Shapes and Patterns’. These give great enjoyment to the children who can bring in related items from home to support their learning. Created artwork is displayed on the Nursery walls, and take home ‘creations’ available for everyone to admire.

Information Technology
All of our children have access to computers as part of their daily routine. Children from aged 2-5 have access to I Pads and interactive technology to support their education. These aid our teaching and allow the children to explore current technology by using apps, camera and videos.

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